We will be celebrating the arrival of spring in Heden amid crackling fires, beautiful music, amazing artists, fantastic firework displays, activities for children and the delicious fragrance of Persian lentil casseroles!

The Festival of Fire is a popular non-religious festival that has been celebrated by many different peoples for nearly 4,000 years, despite its prohibition in certain countries. The festival is called Chaharshanbeh Soori in Persian and is always celebrated on the Tuesday immediately before Nouroz, the Iranian New Year, which in turn coincides with the spring solstice. As happens in the traditional Swedish Valborg celebrations, the natural world’s transition from winter into spring is welcomed with flaming fires as we rejoice at the return of the sun and the light.

The Festival of Fire in Heden has become a popular annual event in the centre of the city, with thousands of visitors attending. Everyone – irrespective of nationality, age, religion and ethnicity – should feel welcome to attend the celebrations. This is a festival that shows appreciation for diversity and integration – it has found a home in the centre of the city and enriched Göteborg with a new tradition.
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